Do you need to rent a breast pump?

Sweet Beginnings is proud to rent hospital/rental breast pump at affordable monthly rates.

Call or Text 303.317.5795 to arrange your rental today!

What do I need in addition to the pump?

You will need to purchase a pump kit, which contains the diaphragms that fit the rental pump as well as the tubing, flanges, containers, and other necessary parts.

The rental site should have a kit for you to purchase. If you received a pump kit at your birth site, you may not need to purchase another one.


I have the pump my insurance sent me. Why do I need to rent one?

Personal use pumps are manufactured for pumping 2-3 times per day when you are back at work. Using it to pump 8-10 times per day can significantly shorten the life of the pump, and even violate the warranty.

Rental grade pumps are built to be used many, many times per day, ideal for mothers of preemie babies who are not nursing yet, mothers working to increase a low milk supply, or other situations in which pumping many times a day is needed.

Do you need more help with breastfeeding or pumping?

Make an appointment with an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) to address issues and concerns. Getting skilled help early can solve issues more quickly and with less stress.