Sweet Beginnings has been serving families since 2007

Sweet Beginnings began in 2007 as a unique boutique and wellness center for expectant and new parents located in the heart of Littleton, Colorado.

Founded by Michelle Ankenbauer-Parks as a labor of love for her community, Sweet Beginnings has nurtured countless families through pregnancy and postpartum.

In 2014, Sweet Beginnings transitioned from its physical location to its current form - as a hospital breast pump rental depot and breastfeeding support site.


In 2017, Michelle Ankenbauer-Parks entrusted Sweet Beginnings to Ana M. Hill IBCLC, who had long worked at Sweet Beginnings as both a lactation consultant and doula trainer.

Sweet Beginnings is honored to serve the Denver metro area and surrounding communities including Castle Rock and all of Douglas county, Evergreen and other foothills communities, Brighton and surrounding commuities, Boulder county, and the Fort Collins/Greeley area.


Are you looking for a breast pump to rent?

Sweet Beginnings has hospital/rental breast pumps and pump kits to help you get breastfeeding off to a great start.

Call or Text 303-317-5795 to set up your rental and same day delivery!